Professional Pet Care in Cary, NC

WoofPack Pet Care offers pet sitting in Cary

Pet Sitting in Cary, NC

If you’re looking for professional dog walking and pet sitting in Cary, WoofPack has got you covered. WoofPack Pet Care is the premier professional dog walking and pet sitting service in Cary, North Carolina.

Additionally, all of our dog walking & pet sitting services come with complimentary mail retrieval, trash management, plant watering & blinds/light switching.

Lastly, we offer a full range of services including dog walking, cat sitting, and overnight pet sitting.

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Why WoofPack Pet Care?

WoofPack is a local business you can trust and the premier choice for dog walking or pet sitting in Cary. You have more options than ever when it comes to caring for your beloved pets. Learn the 5 ways WoofPack Pet Care makes pet sitting simple.

Still not convinced? See what our pack members has to say about our pet care services.

In Business Since 2009

We've been around the block and have the experience you're looking for. You no longer have to rely on your local Facebook group or hope the neighbor doesn't forget.

Scheduling On Your Terms

We make your life easier by using online scheduling software made for pet care companies. You can book on your terms, any time, as far in advance as you would like. Gone are the days of phone tag, text messages and crossing your fingers that your sitter shows up.


Bonded, Insured & Background Checked

WoofPack is bonded and insured. All of our employees have had criminal background check to ensure your pets and home are safe while in our care.


Real-Time Updates & Communication

You no longer have to wait until you're home to read the note on the counter and see how the visit went. You'll receive real-time updates upon the completion of each service. Along with a picture of your fur baby, you'll receive the GPS route of their visit and a report card. PS This makes our client's day!

Meet the Professional Pet Sitters Serving Cary, NC

Below are all of the WoofPack team members responsible for dog walking and pet sitting in Cary! Learn more about WoofPack Pet Care here. 


Chief Pet Officer/Pet Sitting Specialist in Cary

Jack lives in Cary and could come to take care of your pets in minutes! He’s experienced and loves to look after all sorts of critters. Jack is mentioned frequently in our testimonials from our clients in the Cary area.

Looking for more personal information about Jack? Find more details on our About page.


Pet Sitting Specialist in Cary

Meredith also lives in the Cary area. She’s an animal lover of all shapes and sizes. Meredith has been with WoofPack Pet Care the longest out of any of us. Additionally, she receives plenty of mentions in our testimonials from our clients in Cary as well. Meredith always goes above and beyond the call of duty!

If you’re looking to get to know Meredith a little more, you can discover more information on our About page.


Pet Sitting Specialist in Cary

Stacy serves pet owners in Cary, North Carolina. She’s been with WoofPack Pet Care longer than the majority of the rest of the employees and has a lot of experience working with animals. Stacy is happy to take care of your furball while you’re away!

Want to find out more about Stacy? Get to know Stacy more on a personal level.

Keeping Your Pets Comfortable in Their Own Environment in Their Own Routine

At WoofPack Pet Care, we believe that your pets and home should be cared as if you were there doing it yourself. This is why we let you dictate what our staff does while they are caring for your pets and home. We give your pets the exercise, love and attention they need while you’re at work or out of town. It’s like you never left!

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