The best part of every vacation: New experiences, culinary adventures, eclectic shopping, and long naps on fluffy hotel beds.

The worst part: Worrying about your fur-buddy back at home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just text your dog or cat and let them know you’re thinking about them?

Every professional pet sitter at WoofPack Pet Care has experienced those exact feelings, because we’re all obsessed with our dogs and cats, too! That’s why we set up a system that has finally granted your wish: You can text your pet while you’re away! We’ll even give them a treat, tell them it’s from you, and send you a photo of them enjoying it.

In fact, as local pet owners ourselves, we thought of all the things we’d want from our pet sitters, and crafted a plan to ease all your worries so you can start reveling in your vacation.

1. Your Professional Pet Sitter Will Send You Pictures and Updates Right to Your Phone

We know how much you want to stay in touch with your best friend. Since your pup or kitty can’t be beside you, we’ll offer the next best thing: Photos, funny stories, and updates from your fur-buddy’s day through our state-of-the-art technology!

Your pup will be excited to tell you: Mom and Dad, guess what? I had the BEST day! We played in the yard, and we went for a long walk, and I fetched the ball 100 times, and I got cuddles, treats, and squeaked my favorite toy!

Your cat will also be excited to tell you: I ate, then napped in the sun. It was acceptable, I suppose.

Your professional pet sitter will ensure that you feel connected to your critter crew through daily updates and photos. You can even provide treats remotely from anywhere in the world — and we’ll let your friends know you’re thinking of them!

2. You’ll Get a GPS Map of Our Walk

Watch your pup’s adventures firsthand through a GPS map of the walk. You won’t have to worry whether your doggo is bored or whether he gets enough exercise — we’ll let you know exactly where went went and how far we walked!

Plus, we’ll play fetch, enjoy yard-time, eat dinner, and have some good old-fashioned snuggles after a busy day.

3. Our Pet Sitters are Red Cross Certified and Insured

Especially if you have a senior pet, or a pet who takes complicated medications, you may feel nervous leaving your best friend in the care of a pet sitter. Don’t worry. Our pets are our family, so we take safety seriously.

Our entire team is Red Cross certified in emergency response, including first-aid and CPR. We’re also trained in administering medication. Your pet is safe in our hands. In case of an emergency, we are trained to take your pet to the vet for immediate care.

4. You Can Structure Your Pet’s Daily Schedule

Some pet owners hire neighbors or family members to watch their pets. However, it is likely the neighbor or family member will visit a few times a day, whenever fits their schedule. We always show up on schedule and on time, every time – because it’s our job.

Our professional pet sitters are happy to accommodate schedule-requirements and special requests. If your senior dog needs a walk 10 times a day, we’ll do that. If your high-energy puppy requires a two-mile walk, even on a hot day, our pet sitters are happy to meet your (and your pet’s) needs!

    • Whether your pet has a complex set of medications
    • Whether you just want us to make your special home-recipe you give your dog or cat to cheer them up when you’re away
    • Whether you want to get a photo each morning and each evening
    • Or whether you want us to sing a song to your furry loved one

We are happy to do what it takes to make your separation easier for both you and your pet.

So go ahead and schedule an extra special day for your pet, full of long walks, frisbee tosses, cuddles, and treats. We know your pet deserves it, and we want to make our time together fun!

5. We’ll increase home security and do some chores, too!

We want to provide a clean, safe environment for your pets.

While you’re gone, we’ll make sure to keep your home clean, fresh, and hazard-free. Our pet sitters will do things like:

    • Wash dishes (so sneaky kitties aren’t tempted to lick plates)
    • Dust cobwebs away
    • Sweep (especially to protect your animals from ingesting debris)
    • Take out your trash (so you don’t come home to a weird smell!)
    • Take in mail and newspaper (so potential thieves can’t tell no one’s home!)
    • Open and close blinds or curtains
    • Generally give the appearance that someone is home, to increase home security while you’re away

Our professional pet sitters don’t even wear uniforms — we don’t want to announce to the world, ”Hey! This home hired a pet sitter! They must be out-of-town!” We also don’t put any magnets, decals or car wraps on our vehicles to advertise WoofPack for this reason.

Not only will we keep your pets fed and happy, but we’ll also protect your home and keep it clean until you return.

Our Local Pet Sitters Serve Cary, Apex, & Holly Springs

The WoofPack Pet Care team are all locals! So we’re familiar with the community, especially the Apex, Cary, and Holly Springs area. Odds are, we’re practically neighbors already!

Want to get to know your neighborhood pet sitting team? Read testimonials from other happy pet owners in our community. We’ve got tails wagging! Ready to make us part of your pack? Schedule an appointment online with one of our professional pet sitters, or call us at (919) 599-2820.