When traveling or work keeps a pet-owner away from their furriest family members, there’s bound to be some anxiety regarding who will care for four-legged loved ones. When researching options for pet-sitters, you’ll likely discover four possibilities:

  • Boarding your pet
  • Asking a neighbor to visit daily
  • Having a friend or family member keep your pet
  • Hiring a professional pet sitter

If our pets could talk, the first thing they’d tell you is that staying home, in a familiar and comfortable space, decreases the stress and anxiety they experience when you’re away. So boarding or even leaving your pet at a family member’s home isn’t ideal for many animals.

Therefore, having a family member, neighbor, or professional pet-sitter make daily visits (or, more ideally, stay over) is the best way to keep your pup or kitty comfortable by maintaining their daily schedule.

Risks of hiring a neighbor or friend

You may already be thinking, “Great! I’ll just have my neighbor come visit a few times a day!”

  • But is your neighbor trained in dog-CPR, or experienced in administering your kitty’s medications?
  • Have they done a background check?
  • If they trip and twist their ankle on your property, do you have insurance to protect you from a lawsuit?
  • Can you guarantee your neighbor or family member won’t have a long day at work and arrive late to walk your doggo?
  • Will you feel comfortable asking them for a tailor-made pet plan, including an hour-long walk, administering medication, creating a specially-mixed dinner, and then cleaning your house?
  • Will your chosen pet sitter send you a GPS-map of their daily walk, along with fun photos and real-time updates of your pet’s day?

With your pet’s safety, comfort, and happiness as your top priority, hiring a professional pet sitter has many benefits.

1. Professional pet sitters become personal friends

We know you don’t want a stranger in your home, so we send our pet-sitter for a meet-and-greet to get to know you and your furry-family! When we come back to care for your pups and kitties, they’ll be comfortable and familiar with their new sitter–and, hopefully, their new friend! Most of the doggos and meowers on our list become regulars, and they greet us at the door excited for the special time we spend focusing 100% of our attention on them!

2. You can tailor-fit your pet sitting visits

The best part of hiring a professional pet-sitter is you can 100% control dates, times, and frequency of visits. Whether you want us to stay all day, or visit four times for an hour each time, you can schedule the perfect fit for you and your pets.

With neighbors or family members, you have to balance being considerate of their schedules as well. But a professional pet-sitter’s entire job is taking care of you and your pets! If you want us to walk your dog for an hour, followed by a specific mixture of specialty foods, administering medication, and playing fetch for thirty minutes — that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Have a bird, fish, gerbil, or other small animal? We’ll make sure they are fed and loved, too!

3. Receive photos, real-time updates, and even GPS maps of our walks

You can bet that a professional dog-sitter or cat-sitter likely has animals of their own. So we know exactly what we’d want if we had to be away from our beloved pets for an extended period of time: Photos and updates!

Being away from your pet is hard! But we’ll try to make the separation easier by sending regular photos and keeping you involved in your pet’s day-to-day life. We can even send a goodnight photo to help you rest easy, or a good morning photo so you can start your day right!

Every time your sitter arrives or leaves, you’ll get a message letting you know — so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your pup has been walked, fed, and cared for. We’ll always provide an update, and you can ask us questions or request updates at any time!

As responsible and helpful as your neighbors and family members might be, they likely don’t have the tech (or time) to provide GPS-maps and real-time updates — but we don’t mind; it’s part of our job!

You can even send your doggo or kitty a treat. Just use our messenger system to let us know, and we’ll give your loved-one a treat and even tell them it’s from you, and you’re thinking of them!

4. Our pet sitters are Red Cross certified

Would your neighbor know what to do in an animal emergency? Not only do our expert pet-sitters have background check and insurance, we all have Red Cross Certifications. We’re trained in emergency care and administering medications, and we can even transport your pet to the veterinarian.

Particularly if you have an aging pet (or if your kitty or doggo has a medical issue), it’s safer to hire a professional to care for them. You can expect a high level of quality and experience, and feel comfortable knowing a professional pet-sitter is prepared for any situation.

5. We’ll keep your house clean and increase home security

Keeping your pets safe is about more than just feeding and walking them; it’s about providing a secure and clean environment.

Especially if your trip lasts a few days, we’ll make sure your house stays clean and fresh for when you get home. As part of our pet care, we’ll provide some home care. Our pet professionals will:

  • Wash dishes (so sneaky kitties aren’t tempted to lick plates)
  • Dust
  • Sweep (especially to protect your animals from ingesting debris)
  • Take out your trash (so you don’t come home to a weird smell!)
  • Take in mail and newspaper
  • Open and close blinds or curtains
  • Generally give the appearance that someone is home, to increase home security while you’re away

In fact, our expert pet sitters don’t even wear uniforms, because we don’t want to alert the neighborhood, “Oh man! Someone is out-of-town; they’re using a pet sitting service and their house isn’t being watched!”

At the end of your trip, come home to a clean, happy, and safe home, knowing your pets were loved, and your chores are done.

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