Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about your pets while you’re gone? Let’s be honest, leaving your pets behind when you’re away from home is stressful.

Whether you’re working a long shift at work or going out of town for vacation, having the peace of mind can make a world of difference for you. It may be convenient to “hire” your neighbor to pet sit for you but there’s no guarantee.

Over half of the pet owners that have reached out to WoofPack Pet Care come from undesirable experiences with trusted family, friends, neighbors, or from companies like Wag.

Why Do Pet Owners Hire Neighbors, Family, or Friends?  








 For one, it’s easier to walk over and knock on the neighbor’s door than it is to schedule a “Meet and Greet” through a professional pet sitting business like WoofPack Pet Care. But let’s be honest, taking care of your pet may not be their highest priority…

Ask yourself, “What is more important: Risking the well-being of your pets and home to save a few bucks? Or pay the fees for professional pet sitting and not think twice about it?” Having the feeling of peace of mind is priceless, especially when you’re on vacation.

Below are the 5 ways that WoofPack Pet Care is the better option for your pets:

1. Peace of Mind and Security 








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 As previously mentioned, peace of mind makes all the difference when you have enough stress at work or need a break from modern living. We alleviate pet owners’ stress with reliability, certainty, and security.

Professional pet sitters show up because it’s our job and highest priority. Unlike the neighbor kid who said he would be there for your fur babies during memorial day weekend until his friends asked him to go to the beach at the last minute.

For security, we’ll still make it look like someone’s home while you’re gone. WoofPack doesn’t require its employees to wear uniforms or have any promotional material on their cars to announce to the world that you’re away.  







2. Professional Pet Sitters: Bonded, Insured, & Employed


 What would happen if a prized possession of yours is missing when you return? Or, what happens if things get broken while you’re gone? What’s going to happen if your neighbor is injured in your home? Lastly, what if your pet is injured or really sick while you’re gone?

That’s unnecessary stress waiting for you at home that can be avoided. Our insurance covers missing and/or broken items in your home during that time frame! It also covers our pet sitters if they’re injured in your household.

Additionally, we get a vet authorization on file. These are things people don’t think about. If something happens to their pet and they’re gone. Does your neighbor have signed an authorization to take your fur baby to the vet and get them treated? We do!

Even if you upgrade from your neighbor’s kid to a pet sitting company, be sure to ask them if they use independent contractors or employees. At WoofPack, professional pet sitters are official employees that are bonded as well. Furthermore, we possess the maximum amount of general liability insurance and its employees are covered under our worker’s compensation policy.   






3. Professional Pet Certification and Training  






Kitten being held and bottle fed milk.

 Asking a neighbor to look after your pet while you’re gone may seem cheap and easy at first until there’s a tragic accident. Then you’re faced with a vet bill that could have been avoided with a pet sitting specialist.

Every single one of our pet sitters goes through several screening steps to become a certified pet sitter. The steps are as follows:




  1. Applying with resume
  2. Phone interview
  3. In-person interview
  4. Local and national background check
  5. Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR training
  6. On-the-job training

 Our professional pet sitters have experience administering medication to pets. Whether they have to take pills, ear cream, eye gel, etc.

 4. Communication Through Our App

 Business woman looking at her phone with a smile.

 No more having to wait until you get home from your trip to see if they left a note on your counter or frantically texting your friend with no response. Our #1 priority is the well-being of your pet so you can have the peace of mind while you’re away from them.

WoofPack is all about communication and keeping you in the loop with our tech-savviness. You’ll be able to message your assigned pet sitter directly before, during, and after the visit with our “all in one” client portal and mobile app.

Also, you’ll get a notification on your phone when your pet sitter checks in to your home. Not only that, you’ll see that we’re actually at your house with our GPS tracking. When our pet sitting specialist has completed the pet visit, you’ll also receive a report card that includes details and pictures.

5. Keep Your Pet’s Calendar Organized and Stress-Free



Laptop with calendar on the screen on table with coffee cup plus headphones.

 Whether you use the client portal on your desktop or the app through your phone, you’ll have the ability to schedule all of your pet visits as far in advance as you’d like. You will also be able to choose what window of time you prefer your assigned pet sitter to stop by and take care of your fur baby.

I bet you’re wondering, “What if I need to cancel my pet visits?” Unless it’s a busy holiday, we don’t charge a cancellation fee. We understand that life throws you a curveball sometimes.

6. Care for Your Pet First, Pay for the Service at the End


 You no longer have to get out cash for the kid down the street. Or dust off your checkbook to write a check to your best friend’s kid”. Simply pay online with your method of payment!

Not only does our app allow you to communicate with your pet sitter, schedule your pet visits on your own terms, and upload your pet’s routine, but it also gives you the ability to pay your invoice online. That’s why our app is called, “all-in-one.”

You’ll just need to enter your payment information initially and you’re all set for future visits. The client portal is safe and secure as well. We don’t require payment until the end of the visits, whether it’s weekly for daily dog walks or after you come back from out of town. 


WoofPack Pet Care: The Better Alternative for Pet Sitting

WoofPack has been pet sitting since 2009. We’re not just the kid next door, we’re professional pet sitters. We currently serve Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Raleigh, and Morrisville, North Carolina.

Looking for a professional pet care service to hire? Contact WoofPack and enjoy the stress-free life for your pet. Don’t be afraid to give us a call at (919) 599-2820 or email hello@woofpackpetcare.com if you have any questions!