Before you decide to hire based off of pricing for in-home pet care in the Raleigh area, learn all the services that are included. Additionally, make sure your pet is in the best possible hands while you’re away!

After all, leaving your pets behind can be stressful. You want to have complete peace of mind when you’re separated from your furball.

The Kennel Vs. At Home

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When it comes to pet sitting, you have a couple of options. You can either drop your furball off at the kennel or leave them at home with a sitter. 

What’s the difference in pricing between the two? The cheaper route is to board your pet. However, kennels tend to hold numerous amount of pets at a time and taking more focus off of their individual needs. 

On the contrary to kennels, in-home pet care provides 100% attention to your pet in their own home. Therefore, in-home pet sitting is the more expensive choice.

Additional or Hidden Fees

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When browsing for pet sitting in the Raleigh area, find out if the pet care company charges you per pet. Some local pet sitting businesses even have a maximum number of dogs and/or cats per household.

Additionally, see if they will bill you more based on evenings, weekends, holidays, type of breed, and special needs your pet may have.

Dog Walking and Cat Sitting Prices

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Both dog walkers and cat sitters should stop by once a day anywhere between 15 to 35 minutes per visit. However, there are plenty of pet sitters that don’t require 1 visit per day for cats or 3 visits per day for dogs..which doesn’t ensure the well-being of the animals.

On average, you could pay $15-$22 for each of those visits in the Cary, Apex, Holly Springs area.

Cats don’t need as much attention and typically one visit per day is enough to take care of them. If you are going to be at work for 8+ hours and not including the commute time, then your dog could use a nice stroll during the middle of the day. 

In-Home Pet Sitting Service Fees

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The difference between dog walking plus cat sitting versus pet sitting services is the fact that you’ll be out of town for multiple days. In this case, the pet sitter will need to come multiple times a day: at least three times. As a result, the pet sitter has more responsibility and commitment to your home.

With more responsibilities, each visit can take a bit longer: 20-40 minutes per visit. Pet sitting fees also tend to be higher in Cary, Apex, & Holly Springs and can average around $15-$30 per pet visit. 

Overnight Pet Care Pricing

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Pets that require more attention or have special needs are highly recommended to have an overnight pet sitter stay at your home while you’re away. This includes elderly pets, dogs or cats that need medication, have physical limitations, or just young pups that can’t be left alone during the night. 

Overnight pet visits are the most expensive since you are asking the most time and attention from your pet sitting specialist. The time spent overnight averages around 10-11 hours and roughly $80-$120 per night.

WoofPack All-Inclusive Pet Care Services

Here at WoofPack Pet Care, our pet care pricing is all-inclusive, no matter how many pets or what breed. We have plenty of experience and worked with all shapes and sizes!

Also included in our pet sitting fees, WoofPack offers in-home services. The in-home services are the following:

  • Mail retrieval
  • Watering plants
  • Adjusting blinds and curtains
  • Taking out the trash
  • Bringing trash cans in
  • And more!

Lastly, we require daily visits for cats and 3 times a day for dogs to ensure the pet’s well-being. This gives the owners peace of mind and gives the pet the attention they deserve, plus keeps their anxiety level low.

What’s the WoofPack Value?

You’ve probably already noticed that we don’t list our pet sitting fees on our website. Our client’s routine varies and our in-home pet care rates change based off of those needs. 

We are currently serving Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and more. Our testimonials speak for themselves!

Contact WoofPack Pet Care to learn our pricing based off of your pet’s needs and schedule your free Meet and Greet. Our process to sign up simple! 

Have more questions? Give us a call at 919-599-2820