Fleas and Ticks are not a fun subject and even less fun for your pets to get! In North Carolina, the climate is favorable for fleas to live year round. Ticks can be found year round as well, but most prevalent from late spring to early fall. These pests feast on your pet’s blood and can cause such health problems as allergies to serious tick borne illnesses. Both can travel to humans as well! Spring is starting to spring here in North Carolina, so watch for the following signs on your pets:


  • Flea droppings (dark specks) in the fur
  • Flea eggs (white specks) in the fur
  • Excessive licking or scratching
  • Scabs or hot spots on the skin
  • Pale Gums
  • Lethargy

You can feel ticks when you pet your cat or dog, and you can see them. They most often attach near the head, neck, ears, or paws. On cats, they’re usually found around the ears and eyes.

Fleas and ticks can cause serious health issues for both you and your pets so be sure to consult your vet for the best possible preventative medicine for your pets and keep them and you healthy and happy!