It’s one of those days. You have five meetings, two major deadlines, and a stressful client call. Wouldn’t your long, hectic day at work be slightly brighter if you could get photos and fun messages from your dog?

Then, when you finally collapse on the couch after your ten hour work day, instead of taking your pup for the full hour-long walk, you sludge along for a guilty 15-minutes because you’re just too tired to do more. Because of the lack of exercise, your dog squeaks toys at you wistfully for the rest of the night.

Don’t you wish could just relax with some snacks and a movie, enjoying some quiet couch time with your furry buddy?

Our friendly pack of dog walkers are ready and waiting to simplify your life, brighten your day with dog photos, and ensure your pup is loved, exercised, and well-fed by the time you get home. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional dog walker or pet sitter, even for an hour a day, here are a few ways WoofPack’s dog-walking service is easy and fun.

1. We send you photos each visit

Since every dog walker at WoofPack is a dog-owner, too, we know exactly how much you miss your pup while you’re at work. That’s why we strive to make both owner and pooch happier while you’re apart. Our dog walker will keep you included in each of our walks and games, snapping photos and sending fun stories about your dog’s mid-day outing with WoofPack. You may be at work, but we know you’re with your furry friend in spirit!

And if you happen to be a cat-owner, we’ll be happy to send photos of your kitty, too!

2. Our GPS tracks the walk

Not only will you get photos, you’ll also be able to track your dog’s walk. We utilize a special app called Time to Pet, which allows you to watch your dog’s afternoon stroll in real-time on a GPS map. So you’ll know where your pup is and how far your pup has gone.

3. We provide real-time updates

Because we use a simple, real-time app, you can text the WoofPack walker at any time to check in with your pup. We’ll text you when we arrive at your home, then again when we leave. These texts include photos and a report card that lets you know exactly how much fun your doggo had with our professional walker!

Bonus: Because updates are real-time, you can text us at any moment and request to “treat” your dog. Send a little love, and we’ll be sure to tell them, “It’s from your best friend!”  

4. We can do some light chores for you

While we’re taking care of your pup, we’re happy to take the trash out, water plants, bring in your newspaper and mail. We can feed your dog, provide fresh water, and help clean up the dog’s toys after we’ve finished playtime. If your pup needs brushing or even medication, our expert dog walkers are on the job! Just outline exactly what you need done when you schedule the appointment. If you’re working on a specific schedule or routine, let us know, and we’ll implement it to keep your dog on track even while you’re gone.

Plus, we love all animals — and if you have other pets, like fish, birds, or mice, let us know, and our professional pet sitter will give them food and water, too! We wouldn’t want them to be jealous, after all, of how much fun your dog is having.

5. Our professional dog walkers are Red Cross certified

Every single one of WoofPack’s experienced pet sitters are certified in emergency response. We can administer medication, and we know CPR and first-aid for your pet. We know how to check BPM and gums to recognize a medical issue. Should an emergency occur, we can take your four-legged friend to the vet for immediate care. Your dog is your best friend; we will ensure your dog is in the best hands.

6. Scheduling a dog walker with WoofPack is simple

Because we use Time to Pet, a simple app for dog walkers, scheduling an appointment, texting with our walkers, and getting updates from your dog is all a one-stop-shop! You can schedule out dates and times on a calendar, however long in advance you need. When you register, you can outline specific requests, such as chores or routines, which will be saved for all future visits.

We’ll text as soon as we arrive, and for the next few hours, you can look forward to photos and messages from your pet, all while having peace of mind that your best bud is getting playtime and exercise.  

When you get home, your dog will be happy, loved, well-fed, and tired. You can just enjoy the relaxing doggy snuggles on the couch.

Ready to try WoofPack Dog Walkers?

Let your pup stretch his legs, stroll around the block, and have a little fun while you’re at work! Try our dog walking service today by scheduling an appointment, and we’ll even throw in a free dog pun or pup joke during the first walk! Want a few testimonials first? Look at who’s been wagging their tails! Let us make dog walking fun — for both you and your doggo!