We totally understand – there’s no bond like the one between a human and a dog. There’s nothing like coming home from work to happy barks, puppy hugs, and a wagging tail. But when our furry companion is left at home for eight to ten hours a day, that explosion of joy, sadly, comes after hours of boredom, loneliness, and a serious case of cabin fever.

We’d love to keep your doggo entertained and exercised for you while you’re at work. If you’ve been considering hiring a professional dog walker, let us help nudge you along with these five reasons our team can make your life–and your dog’s–even better!

1. Socialization – No more lonely days!

The worst part of any dog owner’s day is the dreaded “goodbye.” Our pup gives us one last sad look through the window — it’s enough to make you call in sick to work!

But with the simple touch of a button, you can summon a WoofPack dog walker to surprise your pooch with a walk! Not only will it break the boredom of your dog’s day, but you can communicate with your pet-sitter and receive real-time updates on how much fun your dog is having!

Knowing your best friend is having a great day will make your workday better, too.

2. Exercise – A healthier pup!

Sitting all day isn’t good for humans. Guess what? It’s bad for our dogs, too! After a long day at work, not every dog-owner can commit to an hour-long walk to keep their pet in good shape. Fitness and exercise are critical to a dog’s health — both physical and mental. Some breeds, in particular, require physical exertion; if you skimp on the walk, they’ll “hound” you all night with their squeaky toys, eager to play and exercise. Or worse, they’ll take that extra energy out by chewing on your furniture.

It’s our professional dog-walkers’ job to play with your pup — and we mean business! When you get home, your dog’s exercise for the day will already be taken care of. So you can take a moment to rest on the couch before taking doggo for a walk. When you do walk, you can enjoy strolling and smelling the roses, because the high-energy walk will be done for the day.

3. Bathroom Breaks for Puppies and Senior Dogs

Eight to ten hours is a long time for fido to hold it! While all dogs can benefit from a mid-day walk, new puppies and senior dogs especially benefit from an extra potty-break. We’re happy to help keep up the potty-training for your puppy, and maintain your senior dog’s schedule.
Our professional dog-walkers will even maintain your routines, providing structure to back-up your daily training. We know dogs all have unique personalities and preferences, so if you have a pooch that will only use the restroom after a two-mile hike, or only after eating three treats, we are happy to listen to your specific instructions to keep your best friend on schedule!

4. Work Late, Guilt Free

It’s an extra-long day in the office, and a client just called with an urgent task. Go ahead and complete your work, without worrying about your pet waiting at home! You can easily contact a sitter to come give your pet a walk, feed them dinner, and even give them extra cuddles while you keep winning at your job!

We even do your chores for you! Our experienced dog-walker will take out the trash, retrieve your mail, water plants, and switch lights and blinds

Bonus: When you get home, you can just relax on the couch with your furry best buddy, knowing that they’ve already had their exercise and playtime.

5. Your Dog is Safe, Loved, and Happy

Your dog’s happiness and safety are your primary concern. Our team of professional pet-sitters are fully-trained, insured, bonded, and background checked. More than that, we love dogs, too!

To give you extra peace of mind, you can communicate with your dog-walker anytime and get updates on your pooch’s happiness and health in real-time. You’ll receive a photo of you fur-baby, a GPS route of the walk, and a report card.

So when you leave home for work in the morning, feel good, knowing your best friend is getting a special treat while you’re gone — and you’ll be seeing a photo of their smiling face before you even leave the office.

Make WoofPack Part of Your Pack

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We want our team to be part of your pack, so you know your pup is well-cared for while you’re at work. Schedule an appointment online with one of our professional dog-walkers today, or call us at (919) 599-2820.