Why is Woofpack #1?

We’re licensed, bonded and insured

We’re certified in Pet First Aid and CPR

You won’t have to contend with kennel pitfalls…..including having to revolve your trip schedule around the “kennel’s” hours, as well as exposing your pets to unnecessary hazards, such as illnesses from other animals and anxiety

We’re a small, personal business.  I take care of all our precious clients myself, with occasional assistance from my long-time friend, Linda (who is a Vet Tech), when business is super busy or I’m traveling.  We DO NOT use contractors.

A wide variety of services is available, from the occasional dog walk or cat visit to week-long overnight packages

Your home will appear occupied with frequent activity, including the mail/newspaper being brought in, lights turned on and off, blinds adjusted, and trash taken to the curb and removed

You will receive text pictures of your pets while you’re away to let you know they’re having fine and are doing ok!

Upon your return, a “daily scoreboard” will be waiting for you, letting you know the happenings of each visit

Your pets will receive tons of one-on-one love and attention-second only to you!

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