Who Is WoofPack?

Melissa Anzalone, Owner/Operator,
Team Member

Mel and TylerHi! I’m Melissa Anzalone and I own and operate Woofpack Pet Care. Thanks so much for visiting our site! A little bit about myself: If you haven’t already guessed, I graduated from NC State. For several years, I had a “traditional” career in the corporate world; however, I never actually “loved” my job. I don’t have any kids, so my pets have always been my absolute babies, and animals my greatest passion. I always thought about opening a dog boutique, pet care business, or canine bakery. Opportunity knocked in 2009, and I’ve been fortunate to be able to make a living getting great exercise and loving on animals every day ever since!

Mel and Maisie Mel and Calvin Mel and Bruiser

Jean C., Team Member

Jean has been helping to care for Woofpack’s pets since 2012. She was originally a client (with two spoiled rescue pups!) and I got super lucky when she was interested in joining my business. Who else would be better to assist me than a client? Jean is originally from Omaha, Nebraska where she grew up with a house full of pets; dogs, cats, birds, and guinea pigs. After graduating from the University of Maryland and living in the UK for a few years, she returned to Omaha to begin working in the corporate world. In 2010, she moved to NC with her husband. In addition to following college sports (Go Huskers!), she enjoys travelling, reading and trying new recipes. Last year, Jean fostered 8 dogs through two local rescue group and is hoping to foster more in 2015!

Jean and Coco Jean and Coach Jean and Bruiser

Why Choose Woofpack?

I know many people may be reluctant to utilize a pet sitter because they just don’t feel comfortable having someone they’re unfamiliar with coming into their home. My husband used to feel the same way before I convinced him how great having a petsitter was (years ago!). This is why we provide a free consultation to all potential clients. It gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with us, for you to learn about what services are available, and for us to meet your canine and feline family members. If a client is on the fence about whether to use a kennel or a professional pet sitter, I want that person to feel confident choosing the latter, and provide their pet/s with the most happy, comfortable and fun experience while they are away!